About Truckcoin:
Truckcoin is secure, decentralized and a safe place to park your crypto.
It is solid cryptocurrency with up to 200% PoS interest! Get paid to hold your coin.

Latest News:

Truckcoin switched to fixed POS reward on 1 January 2021!

TRK POS reward schedule:
up to 200%, max 200 TRK per block staking reward until the end of 2019
up to 200%, max 150 TRK per block staking reward starting from 1 January 2020
up to 200%, max 100 TRK per block staking reward starting from 1 April 2020
up to 200%, max 50 TRK per block staking reward starting from 1 August 2020
20 TRK per block fixed staking reward starting from 1 January 2021

Please update your wallets to version 2.x.x.x
Older wallets v1.x.x.x are obsolete since 1 January 2020

Wallet Download:
Windows: http://truckcoin.net/dl/truckcoin-qt-win.zip (v2.0.0.0)
Mac: http://truckcoin.net/dl/truckcoin-qt-macos-v2.dmg (v2.0.0.0)
Linux Ubuntu x64 18.04: http://truckcoin.net/dl/truckcoin-qt-ubuntu-18.04-x64.tar.gz (v2.0.0.0)
Linux Ubuntu x64 16.04: http://truckcoin.net/dl/truckcoin-qt-ubuntu-16.04-x64.tar.gz (v2.0.0.0)
Windows Daemon: http://truckcoin.net/dl/truckcoind-win.zip (v2.0.0.0)

Blockchain Download:
Linux blockchain up to block 2589592 (November 18, 2021):
Windows blockchain up to block 2337249 (February 26, 2021):

Source Code:
GitHub: https://github.com/noise23/Truckcoin

Technical Specifications:
Code: TRK
POS interest: up to 200% per year, 200TRK max stake per block limit
Min stake time: 9 Days
Max Stake time: 30 Days
P2P port: 18775
RPC port: 18776

TRK Block Explorers:
Truckcoin.net: http://explorer.truckcoin.net/
Truckcoin.ovh: http://truckcoin.ovh/

C-Patex Exchange:

Social Media:
Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2291875
Cryptocurrencytalk: https://cryptocurrencytalk.com/topic/12055-truckcoin-trk-information/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/truckcoin_v2
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/truckcoin/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truckcoincrypto

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